How to clear cookies on your browser.

Please note: this can cause you to get logged out, or other websites to forget your login information.
Please see the instructions below for the browser that you use.

Internet Explorer
Go to "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options."
Under the "General" tab click the "Delete Cookies..." button.

Fire Fox
Go to Tools menu and select "Options."
Click on "Cookies" tab at the top of the Options window.
Click  the "Clear Cookies Now" button.

Go to "Tools" menu and go to "Delete Private data."
Make sure you're in "Advanced Mode" and the "Delete temporary cookies" is checked.
Click the "Delete" button. If the issue persists, try also deleting "All Cookies".

Go to "Edit" menu and select "Preferences..."
If "Privacy & Security" menu is not expanded, double click to expand it.
Click on "Cookies" menu then on "Manage Cookies" button.
Click the "Remove All Cookies" button.