How to enable JavaScript on your browser.

Please see the instructions below for the browser that you use.

Internet Explorer
Go to the Settings menu and select "Internet Options."
Click the "Security" tab at the top of the Internet Options window.
In the box at the top of the window, make sure the Internet icon is highlighted. If it is not, click it once to highlight it.
Click the "Custom Level" button at the bottom of the window.
Scroll down to the section marked "Scripting" and find the item labeled "Active Scripting."
Make sure the "Enable" button is marked.
Click "OK" to close the Security Settings window.
Click "OK" to close the Internet Options window.

Fire Fox
Go to Tools menu and select "Options."
Click on "Content" tab at the top of the Options window.
Make sure "Enable JavaScript" checkbox is checked, and click "OK."

Go to "Tools" menu and go to "Quick Preferences."
If "Enable JavaScript" option is not checked, click on the option to enable it.

Go to "Edit" menu and select "Preferences..."
If "Advanced" menu is not expanded, double click to expand it.
Click on "Scripts & Plugins" menu.
Make sure the checkbox for enabling JavaScript is checked and click "OK."